Monday, February 21, 2011

Shall We...? :D

One ballroom, complete with grand piano, tables, chairs, and a smorgasbord of delicious potluck-ed sustenance...

Six hand-constructed tarp privacy cubicles, lining the walls, each equipped with at least two armless chairs...

40-some-odd Spankos from all manner of persuasions milling about to the tune of -- no, guess again, that's not applause.

It's a little sparser, a little more rhythmic, and accompanied by the occasional -- what was that? A muted squeal? A stamping foot?

Yes, my dear friends, it's a spanking party!

While the more social (or just the more peckish) congregate in the center of the room to chat and snack, the more industrious of the evening are either hauling or being hauled off to a "private" cubicle to either administer or reluctantly? eagerly? receive a spanking. Their privacy only extends to the visual realm, however -- the tarp does very little to conceal the tell-tale sounds of what is really happening behind those curtains... Thus the music kept at mid-volume throughout the room, to help deter outside ears from becoming too curious...!

This particular party is a monthly occurrence, and as such, draws some regulars in along with the new comers like myself. At first I'm not sure how it will go... I am eager to play, yet hesitant to initiate, unsure of how to handle invites, shy in conversation...

One of the kind souls with whom I'd made acquaintance before the party (a highly recommended pre-party course of action, by the way, to meet with one or a few party-goers in a public space beforehand) described it to me as a dance -- "It's your dance card, you fill it how you see fit."

And what a dance it was!

Spot a kind face, a strong hand, a smart look... Make eye contact... Smile.

Slowly approach, as he mirrors you... Reach out... Shake hands -- right now, you're equals. Exchange your names, scene or otherwise... Your greetings, polite, well-mannered.

Wonder if he has caught the glimmer in your eye. Dance around the subject as much as you like... by now, you both know where you're headed.

He offers his hand, with a grin, and an inviting, "Shall we?"

And when you place your hand in his, you give him permission to lead.

But he is not leading you to the dance floor. No, he is leading you away from the rest of the room, into a small space, where a chair awaits him, and his lap awaits you.

He leads and you follow, giving way to the steps of the dance, a rhythm you both know by heart, body, and mind.

"I could have danced all night."

You perform this dance again and again, with variations, different partners, but always the same tune. Time flies -- before you know it, the midnight chime has struck, and you must return to your carriage, back to every-day life, memories of the night still alight in your eyes.

Now that, dear readers, is a spanking good time!

I needn't have worried. :) As one of several new spankees in a sea of spanking fun, I could hardly stay out of the cubicles for longer than to steal a quick glass of water!

Ladies and Gentlemen, I ended up over a different gentleman's knee...
4 times that evening.

Do you remember the last time you were spanked 4 times in one night?? :D I do! And by the end of the evening I was sure I would be remembering it for at least a few weeks! : )

Chair Art by Lidia Shaddow
Cocktail Party Art by Eric (1944)


  1. Sounds like it was a blast, Rayne! I loved the dance metaphor you played up here. The scene you paint reminds me of an old school dance (but looks much more fun).

  2. It was one of the best "dances" I have ever been to, Dioneo! :D

  3. I usually don't like dances. But I totally enjoy these "dances". Can't be without anymore...

  4. Me either, Mr L -- I'm usually a total wallflower :) *usually*

  5. I look forward to seeing your filled out card from the next dance. I anticipate a greater variety of dance numbers, and many more pleased dance partners.

  6. @Rayne Dear dear Rayne, four for your first time with this new group? Wow! I only had one, but then again I didn't stay the whole evening. Wish I could have.

    The norm for me is eight if I stay the whole night. But it has nothing to do with quantity as it has to do with quality and length of time. The dance is not a marathon. So don't listen to Arthur when he tries to cajole you into more. Naughty Tops...hmmph.


  7. EIGHT??? o_0

    lol good for you!!