Thursday, February 17, 2011

Must See: Through Arianna's Looking Glass

On Valentine's Day, Arianna, of Through Arianna's Looking Glass, shared a truly lovely post about her and her partner's journey thus far through their years together, and especially this past year, as both have begun to embrace a very different, yet somehow much more authentic, type of relationship.

Always so beautifully evocative, featuring tenderly crafted, intricate tapestries of words and images, Arianna's posts are, time-and-again, truly exquisite. I just couldn't go without sharing this particular one, it resonated so powerfully for me.

A brief excerpt, from Arianna's Valentine's Day post, "Five million seven hundred eighty-one thousand six hundred minutes," to whet your appetite -- and then please, do read for yourself the entire lovely post by following the link above... :D

"...You, wonderful man, have done just the opposite. You embrace and love who I am. You make me feel adored. Yes, you spank me. And when you do, it makes me feel small and vulnerable. It makes me cry; sometimes it makes me see a girl who behaves in ways I do not always like. But more often than
not, it makes me see that I am a woman worthy of love. You spank me to make certain that I know you are in charge and that you will take care of me. It is not a power grab on your part. You spank me, knowing that I will relax when you are done because I will know that you are in control. You make me feel safe..."


  1. Rayne,

    thank you for your kind words. I am still amazed that people take time to read what I write and am always so happy when my feelings and thoughts resonate with a kindred spirit.


  2. With pleasure, Ari :D And hoping to read and resonate with many more of your words! :)

  3. @Ari and Rayne Actually, the pleasure is all mine and the rest of your readers you two.