Friday, February 18, 2011

I Need a Spanking

In my dream last night, I was a class-A, thoroughbred, absolute brat!

Those who know me will be just as shocked as I was, while having the dream, about my dream-time behavior. This is so not like me! I have no idea where this prudish, insolent dream-me came from!

Clearly, I am in desperate need of a spanking,
and my subconscious knows it.

First, I and two of my friends (who were equally rude, though I was clearly the leader of our brat-pack) were on a hiking trip in the mountains somewhere.

Why we were hiking, and not lounging in some grand villa somewhere in the tropics sipping champagne, or off getting our hair and nails done, eludes me...

...In the dream all three of us were rich enough to never work a day in our lives and still live plentifully on millions.

And we knew it.

True to my role as silly spoiled rich girl stuck in the mountains, I was whining and complaining loudly through the entire excursion, with my friends behind me the whole way to support my needs. I demanded frequent stops and breaks even though we were hiking with a group of at least ten others whom we did not know, along with a single (quickly wearing) guide. Consistently, I made perfectly clear to everyone what a miserable time I was having.

Apparently, I needed to be spanked.

Whenever our guide refused to stop the whole group, I got my way by pretending to faint, and threatening to sue him for over-exhaustion, dehydration, negligence to our health and safety, and downright rudeness.

Clearly, my attitude needed adjusting.

You can imagine, dear readers, how relieved our guide must have been when, not half an hour into our hike, I finally demanded to go back. I was done, done, done with all this g**d*** exercise, this ridiculous, horrid-smelling vegetation, these terribly unforgiving rocks, and all this disgusting dirt. (In reality, I love hiking and being outdoors!)
(Above: Model - Autumn Lynn)

Until he realized that he couldn't let me or my friends go anywhere on this mountain, even back down, alone. Images of the lawsuits that would follow must have gone swimming frighteningly through the poor man's brain.

But when he gritted his teeth and told me that my friends and I couldn't go back down alone and that he was not about to turn the whole group around just for us, this new bratty dream-me exploded, and, like loyal proximity bombs, my friends quickly followed suit.

It would seem, dear readers, that I, really,
need a spanking.

Ten bewildered hikers stood staring in shock at these three brat-tastic rich girls throwing a fit on the side of a mountain. Even our guide seemed dumb-struck, at a loss for what to do next.

One brave, kind soul -- a more experienced hiker in the group -- volunteered, for the sake of everyone else, to guide us back down.

My dream-self muttered spitefully, "About time!" in thanks, and proceeded to huff off in the wake of this annoyingly patient, amused young hiker, pursued in the same manner by my friends.

Knowing it was so sorely needed, the responsible young man should have stopped and thoroughly spanked all three of us right there on the mountain, the moment we were out of eye-sight, though not ear-shot, of the rest of the group!

But alas, last night's dream seems to have been all about reasons, and no rhyme, dear readers.

And what happened next? The second-half of my dream-land adventure into brat-dom is enough to fill another post on its own! Thus, it shall have to wait until next time... : ) But meanwhile, dear readers, just remember...

There are some who say that dreams are based, at least somewhat, in reality. I know, for dead sure, that I am not this class of brat (at least not yet...).

So, that leaves us with only very few options for the kernels of reality in this dream... one of which being, as I'm sure you'll agree, the cold, hard fact that, regardless of my dream-land or real-life behavior...

I need a spanking.


  1. I had a spanking dream last night, too! Maybe we should make a dream date with a good Top and see if we all show up?

  2. Yes, let's! What a splendid idea, Libby! :D

  3. It's funny because I dreamed about deserving a spanking too last night! and when it was about to start I woke up - alarm went off.

    I have been lurking here for a while and I want to say that I really love this blog! It's a pity that you don't get more comments. Wonderful stories.
    I'm a switch, so I enjoy both sides of a spanking.
    Rayne and Libby... did you ever look online...

  4. To get spanked is fairly easy... Just come over here ;) I could remind you of your driving habit or your sticking tongue habit. Anyway it would (or shall I say will?) result in a good sound spanking. You'll see...

  5. @Sylvie - Welcome! :D Thank you so much for joining us :) It's true, MM doesn't tend to get as many comments as some other blogs, but the comments I do get are so wonderful, it doesn't even matter! :D Love to have you here :)

    @Ursus Lewis - *blushes* I'm sure that I will see, Mr Lewis! ;)

  6. Thank you for the warm welcome :) I will try to comment more from now on :)
    I've finally read some of your older articles and have seen that you've already explored various online spanking options ;) For me it works when I'm in need of a spanking *blushes*

  7. You're thoughts are always very welcome, Sylvie! :D

    Yes the world-wide web can work quite well in the interim, if you know where to look...! :D

  8. Hiya, Doll, your blog is my recommended blog of the week. Not that I have any clout or anything, but I always like to honor writers I enjoy.


  9. Wow! Thank you, Libby! You certainly do have clout and I am very honored to be a beneficiary of it! :D xoxo

  10. Why can't I have awesome spanky dreams like this? :-)

  11. @Dave - sadly, they seem to be quite rare! :)

  12. The only thing I can even vaguely recall of my dreams from the last few months is a weird and kind of boring version of high school.

    What I'm saying is, I'm jealous of your dreams.

  13. lol Tales -- and I'm jealous of your stories :D

  14. Rayne nice blog you have ,the pics are great ,love and spanks ,tim in u.k. xx

  15. Rayne a spanking blog you will enjoy is Pixies blog this girl is a little cutie ,love spanks ,tim xx

  16. @Rayne Good thing you like hiking and the outdoors. I can't imagine what would happen if you think of doing this in the mountains in April! Ha! Oh yes I could....