Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Spanking: The Ultimate Motivator?

Does spanking really improve productivity?

I think it definitely depends...! :D

Do the spankee and spanker have a mutually benefiting, respectful, and honest relationship, for example? Have the conditions and boundaries of the situation been carefully planned and agreed upon by both parties?

Michael from "The Office," ever the motivating innovator, put this question to the test one day in his own work setting, leading to quite intriguing behavioral changes in his staff... : )


  1. They must have a Spanko writer...spanking comes up kind of a lot!


  2. Ask any naughty female office worker, be she secreatary or directree. When the boss gave them the choice of being fired, or a spanking they chose, the spanking on the bare bottom of course, and their work improved most effiencently after that.

  3. @Libby - I have noticed that, too!

    @sixofthebest - Admittedly, given the choice, I think I would, too! :)

  4. This made me laugh, and I needed to, thanks for posting it :)

  5. Absolutely one of the best clips I have seen, and one of the funniest Office moments ever :-) thx for sharing this:-)

  6. @lilmissnaughty - glad to be of service :D

    @Dave - I agree! I can so empathize with the protective antics of these people... backing away, butt squarely against the wall... LOL

  7. @Rayne Well I can't watch the video anymore because it's blocked, but I can just imagine what happened.

    Ah! Work and spankings. Very titillating! Brings back fond memories.

    I am pretty sure it did not happen this way for me even though I can't watch the video.

    It was twenty some odd years ago, but I remember my first spanking experience at work.

    I won't tell you what I did for a living then, but I will tell you it was a very stressful job. In fact at the time, that occupation was number one in the suicide department. Yeah, well...

    I was helping a co-worker/friend work on a problem she could not figure out. I quickly solved the problem for her. It was obvious to me how to solve it. Out of nowhere I kiddingly said "You should be spanked for not seeing that". She giggled and said "Really? I think you might be right. Go ahead".


    Before this, I had never said anything like this to anyone. EVER!! I wasn't really into the spanking scene. I mean, I had always known that I tended to always look for and enjoyed watching spankings on TV shows and in movies. It just didn't click with me why really.

    I was spanked all the time by my parents, teachers, nuns when I was in Catholic grammar school. So I didn't think I really liked being spanked and never persued it in my adult life. Why was I bringing this up now? I think we all know the answer to that.

    Anyway, I couldn't believe my co-worker/friend really wanted me to spank her there and then. I asked her again in a stunned shocked voice "Really? Are you serious?" She said "Yes. Go ahead".


    Luckily, there was no one present at the time except her and I. So I decided "Hey, what the heck. Lets see what happens". I am too daring sometimes. This is why I get into trouble so much. (sigh)

    So I had her stand up and bend over the desk. I smacked her lightly at first over her pants. Then again and again. She said to spank her harder.


    OK. So I did. I gave her ten more really hard smacks. I told her "Ok. That's it! My hand hurts!" She got up from her bending position and we both giggled a little about it. Then we started discussing spanking seriously. And that ladies and gentlemen is how my experience in the spanking scene started.

    Turns out there were more spankos at work then I would have thought. Anyway, that is another story. Afterall, this is not my blog.

    Just a note though about this. I have gotten mixed reactions when I tell other spankos this story. The ones I hate the most are "At work! That's against the rules or law or something. You could have been fired! You should be ashamed of yourself for doing it at work! That's harrassment!"


    It was done by two consenting adults in private with no one else around. Yeah, it was done on work property and they could have been sued. I guess I trust my friends too much. (sigh) I don't really care at this point. Don't make me feel quitly about this. It's water under the bridge for heavens sakes!

    Blah! I can not believe I told you all this. I have to stop posting stuff like this. Sorry. I guess I felt the need to share this. I won't do it any more.


  8. @bree -- I love that story! *HUGS* Thank you so much for sharing! Please feel free to post whenever and whatever you like -- it is truly a joy to read :D You should start your own blog!! :D

  9. oh! And thank you for letting me know about the video! I will see what I can do about that...

  10. @Rayne Lol. Thank you Rayne for fixing the video problem.

    The fact that the good workers spankngs didn't work to improve productivity should tell you something.

    I hate good girl spankings. They make me angry and they are not given hard enough for me. Give me a bad girl spanking anytime. Bad girl spankings are way more fun. (giggles)