Friday, January 14, 2011

Teach You A Lesson

Before launching into this afternoon's celebrity-themed entry, I would like to extend warm thanks to Chross for his link to my most recent post about my most recent spanking :D It is always exhilarating and nerve-wracking to write and publish about such personal experiences -- and the recognition is very much appreciated :D

Now on to today's lesson...! :) (in Kink-Detection!)

I have made mention before of my suspicions regarding the hidden (or not-so-hidden) kinkiness of certain celebrities...

This time, our detective-like attention falls, quite deservedly, on the vocal artist Robin Thicke.

Mr. Thicke first caught my attention with one particular song released on his 2007 album, Evolution of Robin Thicke.

"Teach U A Lesson" includes lyrics like:

You were late to school,
I'm gonna have to see you after class.

You've been a bad girl,

Someone's gonna have to teach you a lesson...

Not quite convinced yet? Me, either, which is why I went looking for this -- a clip of Thicke performing this song live in Amsterdam, in which he provides some non-verbal clarification for the above lyrics. If you watch, it takes all of about 25 seconds to ferret out a snippet of kinkiness -- much to the delight of the ladies in the crowd! :D (Hmm, I wonder what they were excited about??)

Now, if you are still a bit skeptical, I can understand. :) It wasn't until I stumbled across this lovely back-stage photo myself that I finally decided Mr. Thicke was one for my "Men in ShowBiz Who Would Spank Me if I Asked Them" list.**

And the smoky seductress over Thicke's knee? None other than Rihanna herself, one celebrity whose kinky exploits are, in fact, much more easily discovered... :D

**For the record, I do not actually have such a list -- yet. Perhaps I should start one! :D


  1. Somewhat off topic, but what a delightful picture the lady at the top is!! She has surely just been told she is to be spanked for the first time ? That's what I hope anyway !

    MarQe x

  2. Yes I thought she had a very lovely expression -- open to many multiple interpretations! :D

  3. Good to know. Hehe. I LOVE Robin Thicke. If you need help on that list, I can provide you with some suggestions. :-)

  4. So many Tops, so little time. Hehehehe.

    He's cute, he sings well and he spanks! Don't really find that combo much.

    I'd let him spank me. Yeah....


  5. @Lea - why thank you! I'll have to take you up on that offer! :D

    @bree - especially in that spot-lighted chair wearing that black-on-black-on-black sheik vest dress-shirt ensemble... mmmmm :D lol