Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Spanked in Uniform

Alright, perhaps not the type of uniform one might generally associate with spanking...

But a uniform, none-the-less :D

Having just walked in the door from work, where a uniform is required, I was promptly marched out to the "woodshed," bent over a work bench, and spanked, still donning my logo-ed work polo (if not my pants, for very long...)

I couldn't help but allow a fantasy of getting spanked at work to blossom in my mind... Of course, it would never happen, nor would I actually want it to, but, perhaps in an alternate reality... :D

What is it about being spanked in a uniform? Sure, there are the stereotypical (and oh-so-sexy) outfits for prescribed roleplay (which is a-whole-nother discussion in itself :D), and the schoolgirl uniform is a rather wide-spread trope for the adult world of deviant frivolity, but is it more than that?

Something about being told to wear a certain ensemble of clothing, in preparation for a spanking, perhaps?

Uniforms and dress codes are generally enforced more for public rather than private reasons -- perhaps it's a little bit of a thrill to bring a taste of public life into the scene?

A uniform also tends to signify one's membership in a certain larger group, whether it is classmates at a boarding school or teammates on a sports team or simply mateys on a pirate ship : ) -- maybe it's something about the knowledge that even though you are just another member of this group, you are somehow singled out (for punishment, perhaps?) from the rest, and thus become "the one who got spanked..."

For me, it was all of that and more put together :D


  1. You've got me thinking now...I think it might be all of the above. Plus, while you're in uniform, there is a certain manner with which you are expected to conduct yourself. So when you're naughty, it's doubly so. ;)

    Great post!

  2. Those are all perfect for getting spanked in.
    And like pink eluded to, there's a unique manner in which each causes you to act, it doesn't get much better than that!!


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