Friday, June 11, 2010

Adobe Schoolgirl

Ahh the woes of a constantly kinky mind... =)

One fine day, I was happily left to my own devices with a certain illustration program made by Adobe (which will remain unspecified here to shield any would-be vanilla googlers of the program from undue shock... :D)

And, look what came out!

A somewhat inappropriately dressed yet still innocent, side-smiling yet still apprehensive, be-skirted, pig-tailed school girl.

Being a complete novice with the program, I had to play around with a few things, and of course she isn't perfect... But who is? And anyway, if she were perfect, there wouldn't be much need to spank her, would there?! (Alright, there would be, but let's just pretend...) :D

Why did this particularly spankable schoolgirl happen to be what my inner-artist was channeling in that moment (and every moment)? I think we both know the answer to that question...

:D:D And now, in honor of channeling your own inner kinky creativity, I hearby proclaim: go get your art on!! Happy spanks, everyone! :)


  1. Fun! Your pervertibility inspires me as usual, Rayne!

  2. Rayne very nice ,love and spanks to you from tim xxx