Sunday, June 20, 2010

Partner in Crime

Sometimes, it can be a little overwhelming to step into new or slightly stressful situations alone... : ) especially if you are a shy spankee, and happen to be stepping into a situation which involves anything at all to do with spanking, or overcoming shyness, or managing mischief in hopes of getting caught, etc...

Not to mention, having the company of a partner in crime (aka innocence) always makes for an enjoyable experience, for all parties involved.

You can stick together and offer helpful defenses for questionable behavior, or choose instead to playfully throw each other under the bus, so to speak... :D You can offer and receive comfort or encouragement -- you can hold hands and take your spanking together, or standby each in turn to show your support by watching, perhaps commenting, perhaps mentioning how much you can see, or how hard (or, if you're feeling mischievous, how light) you think your poor friend's spanking seems to be...) ;D

(Artwork by Igor & Andre, not linking to avoid unwittingly shocking the alluring artists)

All-in-all, I think it would be a very special experience to share these kinds of endeavors with a like-minded "partner in crime."

The presence of a friend who is willing to share such kinky adventures also tends to help you both ease into potentially daring activities, which might be infinitely more difficult to undertake as a single entity, unaided and out on a limb...

Take, for example, the lovely pair below -- how sweet of them to offer each other such support :D I know that I would definitely appreciate a friend's help, if I happened to find myself in a similarly compromising situation... wouldn't you? : )


  1. I'll happily be your partner-in-crime, Rayne! ;)

  2. Why thank you BarelyPink :D Funny... I thought you might feel that way! :)