Sunday, June 27, 2010

Foiled by Flip-Flops

On this fine summer weekend, I thought it might be worthwhile to offer a spank-related word or two to the kinky wise. They say we learn something new every day. Well, here are a few things I've definitely learned this week:

1) If you are determined to drive out to meet a spanker, especially if you are going to drive for an hour or more, read your directions very carefully. Driving for half-an-hour through peanut-butter thick traffic in the wrong direction at the start of your journey will probably not only make you late, but, as I found out myself, get you spanked all the harder. (Which, for some, could actually be a very good thing! But, add a bath-brush to the equation, and that's where you have to start seriously weighing your options...)

2) Speaking of bath-brushes... Unless you are very very certain that you want it used on you, don't, whatever you do, indulge in a silly moment of fancy and decide to bring a bath-brush with you to a spanking (I can say this with the double wisdom of having been silly enough to do this twice this week... :D) They will see it, their eyes will light up, an they will not rest until they have thoroughly convinced you never to let that brush see the light of day ever again :D

3) Should you, in fact, decide to disregard 'bit of spanking wisdom #1' and run late, it would be a good idea, at the very least, to refrain from allowing yourself the comfort and fashion of wearing flip-flops. :D Summer heat or no, if your spanker has easy access to snatching the light-weight, paddle-shaped shoes off your feet, especially after having already been provided with the handy excuse of your lateness, he/she will spank you with them -- both of them, in turn -- much to your own chagrin. There's something rather illuminating and highly embarrassing about being spanked with the shoes off one's own feet... : )

All-in-all, let me say in seriousness, following (or not following...:D) these few bits of advice will help to make a highly satisfying spanking experience :D Just ask the gentleman who was kind enough to have inspired this post by taking me over his knee in the not-too-distant past!

Thank you, my dear friend, and thank you all for reading!! : ) Happy spanks!


  1. This made me chortle, you sound wonderfully happy and it is a pleasure to read such happiness.

  2. Thank you, Poppy! :D I am in fact wonderfully happy, in more ways than one -- for instance, I'm very glad to make you smile! :D

  3. Hmm I know My Sir has tried the flip-flops but they did not make much of an impression on me,maybe because they are Crocs? I am really enjoying your blog so glad I found it. :)