Friday, May 7, 2010

Presidential Punishment

During one of President Obama's recent speeches, I had the pleasure of noticing certain juicy snippets which seemed a tad bit more succulent than the usual obligatory mentions of democracy and civil responsibility... (Which, of course, are quite appetizing in themselves -- don't get me wrong... just in a slightly different fashion... :D)

For one, he made a passing reference to a bit of history which until then had remained unknown to me: Apparently, the relatively short and turbulent history of American government includes, in fact, a caning, that took place on the floor of the Senate, in the 1850s. Now, the actual historical account of this event (as subsequently researched by yours truly as soon as was humanly possible) is much less erotically stirring than a simple passing mention -- in reality it was more of a violent attack than a 'caning.' But may we find solace in the fact that, without overlooking the undeniable importance of historical accuracy, there still exists a possibility of fudging the details a bit in a world of fantasy and letting imagination take flight -- provided, of course, that said imagination recognizes itself as an elaborate whim, rather than a factual occurrence.

As soon as the President said the word "caning," and then proceeded, quite suspiciously, to chuckle to himself, my mind took just such a fanciful flight: right back to this intriguingly thought-provoking photo (below), that I had stumbled upon only about a month ago among the online White House photo albums.

Somehow, somebody got the chance to snap this lovely photo.

Somehow, somebody allowed it to be posted to the public White House photo site, despite its incredibly potent content...

An authoritative male figure seated behind an ornate and regal desk in the background, clearly working intently on some immensely large and important tome... A waiting, silent, be-skirted female figure (need I mention the particular area of her figure which has in fact been framed so perfectly?) in the foreground, her hands clasped behind her back in -- is it nervousness? anxiety? shyness? uncertainty? all of the above?

Perhaps I am simply listening to the President's speeches and clicking through his online photos with the eyes and ears of a hard-wired spanko, but for goodness sake, how could you miss it? Is there something about Mr. Obama that he's not telling us? Wishful thinking, no doubt...

Well, at least I live in a country where I can make these kinds of imaginative leaps concerning our national leader without being hauled off to jail, or publicly flogged, or sent to meet him in his study wearing a skirt and glancing warily at the bundles of canes sitting serenely in an antique vase before his gilded desk... :D


  1. I believe that President Obama, does give his wife Michele, a few spanks on her bare derriere, before he goes to bed at night. But it would be a delight to know he caned her also. Would'nt that be something. I also wish he would cane Sarah Palin, on her naked bare bottom. She also deserves being corporally punished.

  2. That photo could have been borrowed from any number of spanking's hot!

  3. @barelypink - I know, right? That's what I thought! Holy Kinky White House! :P :D

  4. Thank you, MarQe! I thought so, too! :D