Friday, April 30, 2010

"I See a Rayne Butt!"

This past weekend, I had the pleasure of attending the second edition of a newer BDSM event in the area -- I'd been to the first one, which constituted my first public event, and it was a blast :D The second one turned out to be just as wonderful! :D

After a day of BDSM-related classes, stimulating discussions, and a lovely event-wide dinner, the evening play-party began. I found myself in a pair of over-the-knee stockings topped with pink ribbon, a shorter-than-usual black skirt, heels, and a tight, black, low-cut top.

I was being proudly paraded around with both hands cuffed together and attached to a lead in front of me. :) My captor and I discovered, through the course of the night, that whenever he had to attend to something that required his leaving me where I was for a few moments, I felt infinitely less alone when he took an extra second to tie or otherwise attach his end of the lead to some inanimate object while he was away. Somehow, even though in most cases I could easily have freed myself if I needed to, it left a solid vestige of him there next to me, even while his true presence wasn't fully there. Only in friendly BDSM circles, such as the one at this party, would this gesture be seen as romantic, rather than as an outrageous comparison to some kind of chattel. :D

As the play party warmed up, my shyness began fading accordingly, and I could feel even the tenseness in my body loosening up. I'm sure my partner could sense this, too, because it wasn't long into the evening before I found myself over his knee in the middle of the downstairs play/lounge area. *blush*

It was at the playful coaxing of a fellow subbie friend, who happened to be sitting right next to us, and into whose lap my head ended up once I'd been over-turned... My skirt, too short to cover me anyway in this position, came up, and I could feel his hand caressing my skin, warming me a little before he started... :D When I am exceedingly (and yet pleasantly) embarrassed, I can't stop smiling. It's a personality trait that has gotten me in 'trouble' a few times, and this time was no exception -- "She's giggling!" my friend exclaimed playfully, before suggesting to my partner that he must need to spank me harder if I'm enjoying it so much...

The playful banter between the two of them with my head in her lap and up-turned derriere in his was enough to make me even more embarrassed, which only encouraged them both... :D

Then, to top it all off, one of my other subbie friends happened to walk by and notice my predicament, to which she pointed and cheered happily to the room at large, "I see a Rayne butt!" My face must have flushed beet red. :D

It wasn't just a short session, either -- no, my partner had me there for at least a few minutes, using both his hand and other implements, regardless of how many kinky pairs of eyes were upon us at any given time... : ) When he finally let me up to perch on his lap, flushed, smiling, and trying to hide my face, I accidentally made eye contact with the couple who'd been sitting directly opposite us the whole time... They both smiled knowingly at me, before I buried my face in his chest and he and my girlfriend next to me chuckled over my antics...

What a very lovely way to kick off an evening of fun :D Thank you both! *Hugs and Kisses!!*

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  1. Lovely account, Rayne. And I can just imagine your embarrassment when you realized you had an enthralled audience. ;)