Saturday, April 24, 2010

Made an Example

Due to the number of lovely inquiring comments left upon my last post about a recent kinky dream, I decided it might be prudent to write a response in another blog post, since in reality the description of where fantasy took me after waking from the dream is enough to fill quite another entry... :D

As is typical with any kinky dreams that I might have the pleasure of stumbling upon while unconscious, this dream faded to a close before anything remotely kinky actually happened.

Before I could find out that I'd actually gotten into trouble, and therefore of course before any type of sentence could be placed upon me and carried out, I awoke to find my head full of lovely opportunistic ideas for the continuation of the dream... :D

Now that I was fully awake and could no longer blame the sometimes illogical fashion of dream-land, the first thing I had to do was think of a way to somehow justify receiving the maximum punishment option available within the boarding-school setting... despite the fact that my transgression was a 'mere' lack of adequate preparation in uniform presentation... : )

Perhaps, for example, it was only a couple of weeks into the start of the term, and during the first week the Administration of the school had made clear to an assembled student body that the first girl to be found lacking in uniform decorum would receive the highest order of discipline, in order to be made into an example for the rest of the girls... Or, perhaps I am even the first girl of the year to warrant any type of discipline at all, and thus the offense is doubly-exemplary...

Or, maybe the Headmaster has already been informed, unbeknownst to myself, of my illicit after-hours activities the night before which caused my inability to wake up in time to dress properly this morning -- an undisclosed and illegal romance with a boy from the neighboring school, perhaps, or a late-night carouse at the lively pub in town...

In any case, the daydream-ending to Doomed by the Bell did of course include the Headmaster noticing full well that I was not properly dressed, with undone school tie and unbuckled shoes, and having within his knowledge any number of other very plausible reasons to add to my punishment... In some form or another, I received an order to appear in the gymnasium at 7 o'clock sharp the next morning, to be given the maximum number of cane strokes, bare, in front of a school-wide assembly before classes began.

Perhaps it would have even been arranged -- due to the nature of the close relationship between the girls' and the boys' school administrations, or possibly due to the nature of my late-night meeting with a boy from the other school -- to have the entire student body of young men also partake, creating a joint-assembly for the first punishment of the year between the two schools... Just to make sure that the point -- an unmistakable lack of tolerance for any transgression throughout the year -- was made crystal clear to each and every eagerly riveted pair of watching young eyes.


  1. Rayne ... you are delightful writer, both articulate and amusing ... I would invite you to come over and visit my little blog ... I have the feeling from your last two posts you might find it entertaining ... keep up the good work ... Cheers ... RH

  2. Thank you, RH! :D Your comment means a lot to me :) I've seen your lovely blog before (stumbled happily upon it as the result of a less-than-angelic google search which revealed one of the inspirational comics that illustrate your stories)... What a wonderful read! :D Thank you for visiting and happy spanks! :D

  3. hullo nice blog Rayne love to have girls talking spanks with us ,love and spanks from tim xx

  4. Hi, i have a spanking blog to. If you like we could exchange links betwen ou blogs. Let me know

    Best Regards


  5. @ tim and Katia -- thank you!

    @ Enzo -- sure! I've taken a look at your blog and like what I see :D I'll add a link. Thanks for finding me! :D

  6. I love this drawing of a naughty school-girl being caned in front of her class on her naked bare bottom. Her humiliation, plus the painfull punishment she receives, is most erotic to my eyes, and senses.