Saturday, May 29, 2010

Kink in Plain Sight

I've mentioned the kink-abilities of vanilla items before: the belt, in particular... But never before has this particular story about a vanilla belt been published for lovely readers like yourselves, because it took place in my own living room during the past year, among many very vanilla friends... : )

One of my best friends, who is very dear to me, is also quite vanilla. Not the strung-so-tightly-he may-burst-at-any-moment type of vanilla, but simply of the opinion that most of what he knows as 'fetishes' are, in fact, rather hilarious.

This is the same friend who ran up to me one day while we were in Borders Books, holding this book: "FETISH" by David Bramwell and Petra Joy, pictured at right--a fun and informative read for anyone interested in learning more about the wide range of human fetishes...

My friend, we'll call him Ray, was giggling (he's a tall guy... seeing him giggle is rather a rarity), and flipping through the fun-filled tome to show me outrageous things, as if it were some enormous joke :D I laughed, too, of course, but things like this make me think that either he would never be into any of it at all, or deep down inside somewhere he really is and just doesn't know it yet...

On the particular day when this story takes place, we happened to have several friends over, and everybody was hanging out in the living room: doing homework, watching TV, browsing the web on their laptops, munching on chips and popcorn... As a college house with four students living in it, you could say it wasn't necessarily the neatest of places, but we had room to have friends over pretty often, if not for huge parties than just for an evening of studying or playing Guitar Hero together on a Saturday night (surprisingly, with no alcohol or pot involved)... : )

So, there's an empty package of Oreo cookies -- the kind that comes with a thin, semi-solid tray for the cookies inside the plastic outer wrapper. For some unknown reason, Ray picks it up and starts hitting Ian with it -- another mutual friend of ours hanging out on the couch. Ray happens to have known Ian for longer than I have, because they went to high school together, but the age-gap between them, and their relation to each other in high school (Ray as a Drum Major, Ian as band student), makes Ray a kind of 'teacher' in relation to Ian. As it happens, Ian is also something of a 'student' in relation to myself, being one of the newest members of an organization for which I was in a leadership role at the time.

Clearly, Ray and I are in competition here over the well-being of Ian, our mutual friend and 'student.' Ray and I are also relatively the same age -- he is about 8 months older, but Ian and several of our other friends present in the living room are all close to 3 years younger than both of us.

Therefore, in playful indignation, I intervene in Ray's attack on Ian, grabbing the other empty Oreo package and hitting him back. Ray is not the type to give up a fight, so we keep at it -- he is bigger, stronger, and more athletic, so his reflexes are far better, and I have to resort to flailing wildly at him while he laughs and blocks, landing several easy hits on me.

The fight escalates when I tip over the chair he was sitting in and he sprawls onto the floor, caught off-guard... I try to keep him on the floor with the chair, but he easily pushes me off once he regains composure -- by now the whole room is watching and laughing with us... I start running out of the room, knowing that he'll chase after me -- he gets hold of my arm and drags me back into the living room, expending a great amount of effort trying to 'tip' me over in the same way, to have me land on the floor without getting hurt...

Finally he gets the better of me and causes my balance to falter, but I am able to drag him partially to the floor with me, and by now we are grabbing at each other's legs and arms and torsos without restraint, both laughing breathlessly. :D

He is finally able to straighten up enough, with me still clutching at his legs, to put his hands to his belt and start undoing it.

I see him do this, and I can hear one of the girls watching from the couch gasp through her laughter. The noise level in the room is going up as people start laughing louder, wooing and cat-calling.

Ray doubles the belt over and starts aiming high-handed thwaks at my legs -- I yell, still laughing, and try squirming out of the way... I am breathless with mirth and veiled arousal -- Between laughs and shrieks I manage to shout, "Raymond! What are you doing?!?"

The whole room and the two of us are still laughing raucously -- it was all-in-all a very funny and innocent situation, although the stinging from his belt on my legs and thighs and sometimes arms when I was able to block was quite deliciously real. He responds, laughing, "This is what happens when you're bad! You get spanked!" And that statement, so incredibly foreign coming from his lips, happens to be accompanied by a swing of his belt which hits the back of my upper thigh, very close to home... : )

This went on for a least a few minutes, with me dodging and blocking on the floor, everyone falling over laughing, and finally me grabbing the other end of his belt and him dragging me across the floor with it... After that it dissolved into a tickling match, and with my vantage point from the floor I got him behind his knees, causing him to really fall on the floor with me.

Things eventually quieted down, but I was still very secretly flustered... It was quite the startle, especially considering that Ray knows absolutely nothing about my attraction to that sort of activity... :D

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