Monday, December 20, 2010

What *Not* to Say While Being Spanked!

Today while checking my email, I ran across a rather interesting forum title that someone had recently posted on a kinky friend-finder website:

"Simple comments that might get you spanked more..."

Hmmm... I wondered. :D

Ahh, the fantastical things that can be accomplished with the work of many kinky minds... :) These were just a few of the posts people had offered so far (along with a few of my own creations):

While over your spanker's lap, during the spanking:

"Did you know your watch glows in the dark?"

"I should paint this room green..."

"Did you know your shoes are untied?"

And, one particularly naughty girl offered, not a comment, but a suggestion: Tying his shoe laces together... :D You'd either get spanked more if he notices while you're doing it, or dragged back for more after he stands up and almost falls over... What a terrible trick! :D

During a lecture:

"Oh, were you talking to me? I didn't hear anything you just said!"

"It's pronounced 'CUM-ula-tive,' honey, not 'cuh-MUL-ative'..."

In response to, "Have you learned your lesson yet?":

"Why, is there going to be a test later?"

"Oh wait, I think I left something in the oven!"

"Never let you find out when I do something wrong?"

In response to, "Do I need to start over?":

"Why, did you lose count?"

"You started already??"

Just a few ideas, in case you're really a good girl like me, and need some extra help getting into trouble sometimes... :D:D


  1. Very funny especially "I should paint this room green" and "you started already?" any of which deserve a few extra swats.

  2. Oh I absolutely agree Summertime :D Perhaps a reason *to* say them, in fact! :D

  3. lol I love the tieing his shoe laces together, that would be so funny!

  4. Very well done. You've got a really great blog !
    I read only 2011 posts, but I will be back soon to read the rest of it !

  5. "Why did you lose count?" Brilliant!!!

    Great blog, Rayne! Can't wait to until I have more time to catch up on your old posts!

  6. @lilmissnaughty - so funny! At first... :)

    @Mlkklm and C - thank you! So hope you both enjoy reading!

  7. I love "Why, did you loose count?" God, I can hear myself saying that....

  8. I love the fact that you ladies can joke about being asked, but of course the man should see to it that the spanking itself is not a joke. The woman shouldlways be sobbing and begging and promising before she is let up for aftercare and tender loving.