Saturday, March 13, 2010

Party O'Clock!

Today, I will be attending my first "spanking party!"

(Illustration by Brian Tarsis)

I haven't the slightest idea, really, what to expect. Will it simply be a bunch of spankos hanging out together? Or will it be more like a bdsm party where everybody is spanking everywhere? Perhaps it will be somewhere in the middle?

Will I get spanked?

What level of waist-down nudity is acceptable/expected at these kinds of parties? Are there special rooms for two people who've decided to engage in some spanking activity to go off and be separate from the crowd, or will people be getting put over knees right in the middle of the living room?

Might I be one of them?

How appropriate is it to watch/comment/interact while spanking may be happening? Who will be there? Is it going to be mostly spankees with nobody to spank them, or will it be a whole bunch of spankers with nobody to spank? Will the coffee table in the sitting room be arranged with a display of implements for the use of the party guests?

Would it be too obvious if I pointed at one and pondered aloud, "Ooh, I wonder what that one would feel like...?"

Will people be having casual conversations about spanking? Will they be pouncing on me with questions because I'm new to their party group? Will I clam up or will the social butterfly feel comfortable enough to come out?

Will somebody offer to/insist that they spank me?

What do people wear to these things? Will most people be going with the St. Patrick's Day theme and dress in green with leprechaun hats? Or is it more like the bdsm scene where people flounce about in thigh-highs with garter belts, and leather vests with bare chests?

Am I more likely to get spanked if I wear a skirt, or jeans?

Naturally, some/one question/s are occupying my mind more than others. :D

All shall be answered tonight, I suppose, when I venture out to experience a new type of kinky semi-public event... I hope to make some new friends, have some interesting conversations, ((return home well spanked,)) and report back to you soon, dear readers : )

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