Tuesday, November 9, 2010

'Tis the Season for Perversion :)

Well, arguably, 'tis always the season for perversion... :D

But, at least in America, the months of October, November, and December offer up a rather uniquely annual series of 'major' holidays for the kinky mind to work with...

First there's Halloween -- what a way to kick off a holiday season of kinkiness, eh??

Probably the most easily pervertable holiday of the year...

What with the sudden adult-world freedom to don costumes from all corners of the earth and heaven and hell -- let your kinky imagination run wild! :)

(Artwork by Endart)

Then, skipping our current month for a moment, there is perhaps the second most pervertable holiday of this season, Christmas. How many kinky Christmas parties have you been to? If you are someone who would go to such things, with likewise kink-minded friends, and you have been in the 'lifestyle' long enough to have more than a handful of said kink-minded friends, then I would be surprised to hear you say haven't been to a single one (that is, of course, unless you started building your kinky network any time after January 1st of this year, and therefore may soon be receiving your first invitation to a kinky Christmas celebration :D). If you are not the type of person to seek out such social notoriety within the kink world, I absolutely understand and respect your need for privacy :)

If you don't go to parties, though, I would be surprised if you haven't at least once harbored a single kinky thought about the holiday... whether it is a naughty girl/boy over Santa's lap, or exchanging kinky gifts with any of your play partners... :D

The possibilities for kink within one of these holidays, however -- the American celebration of Thanksgiving -- requires a little more stretch of the imagination...

One could choose to zero in on the idea of the pilgrims themselves: the historical account that they were Puritans from that land across the sea, and as such quite strict in belief and lifestyle. It would be quite reasonable to assume that certain disciplinary practices were quite common-place among the society of New Englanders upon which half of the American Thanksgiving tale (largely romanticized and rather ostentatious, like many modern holidays, I suppose) is based.

From this historical assumption, it might be a logically imaginative next step to create a scene rather something like that below, of a wayward girl chastised by her father in front of the entire family during the Thanksgiving celebration -- as the holiday's central theme, at least in my own experience, is in fact the gathering and sharing of intimate and extended family.

:D The wintry, November-ish feel of this family gathering around something that looks quite suspiciously like a dining table just yells "Thanksgiving" out to me, and I am quite content to extend this as a viable fantasy for a rather elusive holiday :)

I do, however, have yet another solution to the kinkyfication of Thanksgiving... One of my new-found friends in the scene here is throwing a party for just the occasion, and I will be eagerly attending this year's rendition of "Spanksgiving" with every intent to milk the holiday for all it's worth! (Preceding, of course, a customary and entirely vanilla visit with my own family on the actual holiday, during which none of them will have any idea of the places my mind will be re-visiting while in their company.) :D


  1. Would'nt it be wonderful, if Macy's or Bloomingdales, here in New York, displayed Santa, spanking a Radio City Rockette, each day of the holiday season. Especially on those beautiful, naughty ladies bare bottom. I can dream can't I.

  2. After a hearty meal has been eaten on Thanksgiving Day. It would be the perfect time, for the male head of the household, to take, his wife, daughter, mother, mother-in-law, niece, maid, female cook, and nanny over his knees. And with a good spanking given to their bare bottoms, wish them 'bon appetite'. with a smile.