Saturday, November 6, 2010

St. Trinian's Strikes Again

Remember St. Trinian's School for (Bad) Girls? :) The film that had me oh so curious, and many of you both insisting that I see it and pointing ever so helpfully to some of the film's earlier incarnations? In particular, RH of the Woody Back to School Unit made mention of Ronald Searle, the artist behind the original devil-incarnate school girls :D Thanks to RH, I have found some of these lovely illustrations (as you can see!), and am very happy to be able to share a few with you!

I would absolutely recommend checking out more of Ronald Searle's work (not linking to avoid causing anyone on the other end of the link undue shock, but his artwork is easy enough to find :D) -- some beautiful stuff, and, beyond St. Trinian's, an interestingly significant number of rather kinkify-able subject matter.... :D

The numerous renditions of St. Trinian's over the years, mentioned by a couple of readers, has me mischievously considering the pervasiveness of the 'naughty school girl' trope...

And, just in case you are curious, I did have the chance to see the film -- in its most recent form, at least. :) Not only does that exact phrase -- 'naughty school girls' -- come right out of Colin Firth's authoritative character's mouth, but the subject of caning *does* come up!

During a meeting of business-suits in a sky-high office around a giant table, one rather traditional-looking gentleman responds to Firth's assertions that St. Trinian's is simply in need of higher standards of 'discipline' by asking, with a rather suspicious amount of eagerness :), "So you're going to bring back the cane, then?"

"Of course! Well done old boy you've got it -- we'll cane the lot of them--" Was, sadly, not the Firth's answer, but one can dream :D

(I realize the first illustration here does in fact read "by Arthur Marshall," but I do believe that it may be referring a work called "Girls Will Be Girls," illustrated here by Ronald Searle... In any case, I love to see the female equivalent of the hackneyed 'boys will be boys' phrase -- we can have fun, too, you know ;D)


  1. Lovely to see you posting again! :)

    I was under the mistaken assumption that if a friend of mine had a naughty school girl costume hanging in her closet, that she must be one of us. It wasn't until after I confessed that I found out she was, in fact, not.

    The fascinating thing, and one which I will never understand, me being me, is that "naughty school girl" does not immediately invoke "spanking" in some people. They're missing the best part!



  2. @barely pink ~ Thank you luv :D It certainly feels good to be posting again!

    I have definitely noticed the same thing within the broader scene of BDSM -- but never have I personally encountered anyone owning such a costume and purporting to be fully vanilla! I wonder just how slippery the slope may be... :)

  3. I, too, am delighted to see you back. I hope that you also have been able to connect with the local spanking bdsm community. I am not certain where you are, but I suspect on either of the two coasts (probably west)and I know that there are groups at these places. I wish you well in your studies and your life

  4. Anony -- thank you for your comment! And yes, I have in fact been able to find some lovely kinksters in my new surroundings... indeed, you have alluded to the content of my very next post! Your well wishes are very much appreciated -- thank you for reading!

  5. Yes, us 'spanko's consider the St. Trinian school-girl, the naughtinest school-girl in the world. And with pleasure. Because they imagine her school-tunic being raised, her knicker's down around her ankles, and upon their bare bottoms, seeing painful cane marks.