Saturday, October 30, 2010

Patty's Paddle Art

I have had the lovely fortune of receiving the gift of a new paddle! And not only that, but it is an absolute work of art -- decorated quite beautifully with the artwork of Patty (also visit her blog!), sold on Cane-iac :D

So... while stirring certain passions by mere virtue of its shape, weight, and intended purpose, this particular paddle, with Patty's help, provides quite a whole new dimension of imaginative stirring: the emotive illustration depicted on the open-face of the paddle would mentally and physically enhance any spanko's experience! :) I know it's lovely for me to behold, anyway -- I hope you like it, too!

Thank you, dear friend! You have officially beautified my implement collection! :D

P.S. Anyone notice a holiday theme? The title of this particular piece is "Santa Spanks"... go figure it wouldn't matter to a spanko that Christmas is months away... :D:D Whether it's the middle of summer or just about Halloween, the idea of ending up on Santa's "naughty list" is still just as potent... :)

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