Monday, September 27, 2010

R _ d / _ o t t _ m

Can any of you wonderfully clever people guess what naughty two-word combo I happened to type into Google image search recently, which yielded results like these...??

Certainly not "catty shoes"... or "filigree boxes"... or "naughty nurses"...

:D I'll give you a hint...

This one, a gem of a find, very nearly hit the spot... :D


  1. Graduate School must be keeping you very busy. I like your blog a lot, but have missed you lately. Please come back soon.

  2. Thank you Anonymous :D It is true, it seems like I have never been busier! Your comment is greatly appreciated, and I do plan to be back very soon!

  3. Yes, upon finding the missing letters to the two words, which when complete spell RED BOTTOM. I would further adventure, and make those two naughty nurses bend over, raise their uniforms, and cane them.