Thursday, January 28, 2010

Faerie Tails :)

If you have read more than a few entries here (god bless you :D), you will probably have noticed that I tend to exhibit a certain affinity for the involvement of faeries in my spanking day-dreams. I only began to notice this myself as I began to write, and realized just how many faeries seem to inhabit my thoughts...!

One reader noticed this, and kindly sent me some lovely pictures with a fairy/spanking/pixie theme about them... This one is an illustration which I had never seen before -- an artist's rendition of Tinkerbell :D I will here quote his own words: "Positively begging for a spanking, wouldn't you say?" Why, yes, I would! :D

Now, once I came to terms with the admittedly high volume of spanked faeries I seem to find, I started thinking about what factors may be contributing to my interest in this particular area.

If you are a spanko, or know any, you will know what I mean when I say that I've been this way since childhood. Looking up the word "spank" in the dictionary (which actually for me took a few years of building up my courage -- it was a while before I could even keep myself from purposely avoiding the entire "sp" section of the dictionary just to stay away from the word and the reaction it would cause in me)... Becoming peculiarly and embarrassingly interested whenever other children or adults told stories that involved spanking...

Well, one day, during the ripe young age of pre-adolescence, I was flipping through a lovely book in the store -- even then I knew that if I had food and water, I could live my whole life in Barnes and Noble. This particular book on this particular day happened to be Lady Cottington's Pressed Fairy Book.

Firstly, I was already interested in faeries and dragons and magic and fantastical exploits by then. The idea of a young woman sent out to press flowers in her book, like any young lady of her day and age was expected to do, but finding instead, fairies to press where there should have been flowers... intrigued me. Not only that, but the illustrations in the book, and it's artistic structure, appealed very much to my young and fanciful eye. It wasn't until I came across a very specific illustration, however, that the book fused itself into my memory and elicited from me the same physical and emotional, quite unexpected reaction described above.

I remembered this book when pondering my interest in the two seemingly unrelated subjects of faeries and spanking, and my pre-teen experience standing there in the bookstore came rushing back to me. I searched, and here, dear readers, I have for you the alleged picture in question, which may or may not have had an impact on the early developmental years of my kink:

Although this beautifully illustrated pressed fairy seems to have undergone an unfortunate splattering effect (as have many of Lady Cottington's distressed pressed faeries), one cannot mistake the element of charm captured in her posture and urgent facial expression. My breath stopped when I saw this picture as a young, impressionable child (who, if you remember back to your own days of innocent childhood, had very rarely been privy to the sight of any pictured form of the naked human body, even if it was the slightest hint of the softest of soft porn like the above). If anyone had seen me at that moment I'm sure I would have been blushing, and soon thereafter I felt compelled to put the book back on the shelf and steer clear of it for a while lest the same embarrassing sensation overtook me unawares a second time.

Clearly, no spanking is happening in this picture, but the implication and exposure is very much there -- I think at the time I first saw her, it was more just the idea that this poor fairy would now have to live an eternity of innumerable people flipping through the pages of the book and finding her and staring at her embarrassing predicament, she unable to move or do anything to prevent it... :D Goodness... what avenues of fantasy this post has taken! : )

Thus, I hope my affinity for faeries has been more thoroughly explained, not only to you but also to myself, and I'm sure many more entries featuring these lovely (mostly female) little creatures will find their way through the door into fruition and discussion. :)

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  1. If only I'd read this before Haron and I spied a fairy in chains in a store last weekend. We took a photo which we'll blog in the next few days, when we get a moment. I'm not generally big on faeries (other than in the wonderful "Little, Big"), but this one rather worked for me - and i love the post.