Saturday, May 14, 2011

Blogger Down!

Hi All!

Apparently Blogger is having some serious issues right now, and ate my latest post (Chapter 3 of my spanking weekend adventure!) It will take me a few days to re-write (or maybe Blogger will be nice enough to restore it??? Please???) -- So in the meantime, please enjoy an intermission and this lovely little photo of a studious young lady, who is also surely working away on her next journal entry! :D:D


  1. I read the story before Blogger crashed. It was well done.
    I hope that your classes are going well and look forward to the next post.

  2. I, too, read the story before Blogger devoured it. And now I'm able to comment! (Commenting wasn't possible before, thanks Blogger.)

    It seems like your spanking weekend was a great one. Six at a time?! Fun, fun. :)

    Hope you're enjoying school. I'm sure that you're doing well with classes.



  3. Pink,
    The weekend was amazing! I have never laughed so hard and had so many great spankings.
    I was also greatful to have some extra padding standing around the pool table with five lovely ladies.

  4. Well I'm sure the story was excellent as indeed the picture of the "studious young lady" is ....


  5. I think it's quite a spankable offense not having a back up of your blog entries... Just sayin'

  6. Thank you joey, Pink -- you are truly faithful and timely readers! :D:D

    MarQe -- I will see just how soon I can get it back up for you!

    Ursus Lewis, are you *trying* to get me in trouble???? :D

    Looks like I am one of the lucky few for whom Blogger was not able to restore full posts -- perhaps because mine went up right before the crash... But now that I know, I will begin in earnest to diligently re-post, and have the next chapter ready soon! Thank you all!

  7. Yes, sir, I agree Mr. Lewis, that Rayne's failure to back up her contributions to the blog is a major blunder and definitely punishable. If you wish, perhaps this may be a pleasant opportunity for a cane demonstration for the previous group that was brought together in April for their offensive behavior. Shall I reserve the wood shed, Mr. Lewis?