Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Good Morning Spanking

There I am, half asleep, covered in sheets, glad for a morning of sleeping in without worry of needing to rush off to work.

There he is, dressed and showered and ready to go, shirt buttoned, belt buckled, tie knotted and three minutes left before he has to walk out the door to catch the train.

He taps me awake, just enough for a goodbye kiss.

"Are you going?" I can't keep the drowsiness out of my voice... My eyes are half-open.

"Yes, Beautiful."

But his hand is reaching for my arm, turning me over under the sheets.

Before I can fully realize what is happening, he is spanking me, his movements effortless, the sounds of his hand muffled by the thin, cool layer of soft cloth, but the sting real, and hard.

He is spanking me to make sure that I will feel him today, still with me, even while his physical presence is elsewhere.

And, rest-assured, I did feel him.
All day long. :D:D:D


  1. ...and rest assured everyone, there was a good night spanking to complete her day.

  2. That's quite a way to wake up! :-)

  3. You two are so cute. I am sure there are many of our friends who will "thank you" for giving Arthur so much hands on practice for the weekend. :)

  4. Love this post! What a nice way to wake up!

  5. @Arthur - Thank you for rounding out that circle :D

    @Lea and Sugar - Yes it is! I was very happy :D:D

    @joey - Let's just hope they don't take it too personally! lol :D