Monday, January 25, 2010

Innocent Gift Idea!

I have found what I want for Valentine's Day/St. Patrick's Day/Easter/Summer Solstice/My Birthday/Halloween/Thanksgiving/Christmas/Boxing Day/New Year's/any other miscellaneous or spontaneous holidays!!

Whosoever would like to grant me with the opportunity to be captured and spanked by a long-armed, power-operated, self-efficient machine (aka WHENever and as OFTEN as I need (want)) :D -- shall become one with goodness. : )

Of course I kid -- please save your money -- but in seriousness, it would be quite thrilling not only to experience one (or more) of the many different types of spanking machines I've seen, but also to be in constant possession of the ability to satisfy certain urges that occur persistently and unbidden throughout each day... : )

Has anyone ever been strapped into such a machine? Maybe not the lovely artificially intelligent tentacle-armed cartoon contraption above, but perhaps something of a more rudimentary (though no less effective) design?

What always comes to my mind is the concern that, depending on the make of the machine, it may not be quite as good as a human arm with the crucial follow-through or flick-of-the-wrist/elbow/shoulder motion of spanking that just comes naturally to a living human being... I suppose perhaps if it were still human-operated, or somehow programmed to move that way...? What has been your experience?

By the by, glancing back up at that cartoon... I wonder what "Level 3" would be? :D:D Dare I venture to dream about how many levels this splendid piece of perverted technology even has?? :D

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